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Freeman Software - Rental Property Manager Freeman Software's Rental Property Manager is written specifically for the Property Owner who wants to manage their own Rental Property or Properties.

Originally, we were approached by a Property Owner who needed help managing their extensive rental home property portfolio. They had looked at a number of commercial software packages but found that they were all targeted at professional managers, not owners. The Owner needs a system to manage their properties, tenants, rental contracts and property maintenance.

As an Owner Landlord you manage your own...
  • Properties, including
    • Financial Depreciation rules
    • Maintenance Schedules,
      • records of Scheduled and Ad-hoc maintenance work done, and
      • Rent Reviews
      • Regular Property Inspections
    • Flexible Property Feature lists
  • Tenants, including multiple addresses (historic and forwarding), phone numbers and contact records
  • Contracts, including flexible terms and rental payments (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)
  • Rents Due and Payments
  • Contact Records so that you can record phone calls, emails and letters with your Tenants
Rental Manager is a web-based solution running in Google's™ Cloud. You don't need anything other than a computer with internet access to run the system. You just need to set up your Properties and Tenants, you're ready to go!

We have a sample system here if you would like to have a look around.

If you would like to discuss your businesses requirements and/or the suitability of one or more of our business modules, please Contact Us.

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