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Pricing Maintenance Screen After more than ten years working with one of New Zealand's largest Water Bottlers, and more than that with contacts from the Oil Industry, we at Freeman Software have released our Product Pricing System for wider use.

This system lets you account for the full gamut of:-
  • Overhead and wastage
  • Bill of Materials
  • Components outside of your Bill of Materials
  • Pallet or Container use
  • Storage and / or Transport
Your prices are calculated in a standard and consistent way that you define. They are calculated in one place that is visible to all of your users, there are no more private and hidden spreadsheets. Prices are stored by your Client Name and Product Name. There is no limit to the number of prices you can calculate. All prices are saved until you decide to delete them.

Freeman Software's Pricing Calculator is a web-based solution running in Google's™ Cloud. You don't need anything other than a computer with internet access to run the system.

You are more than welcome to check out our sample prices here.

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