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Custom Built Software Freeman Software has considerable experience with developing customised business software solutions.

To build great software, we provide more than technical expertise, we provide business knowledge. Our business knowledge is the bridge between your business idea and our software design and development. Some call this Business Analysis and it includes business process flows and associated rules, screen design, logic and workflow and any documentation that is required.

The Benefits

Freeman Software - working with you The key benefits of using our customised software solutions include:
  • You get what you want, when you want it.
  • You don't pay for options and functionality that you don't need.
  • You get greater flexibility - your software can be modified and changed over time as your requirements and business practices change.
  • Training time is reduced because you are involved in the development process - right from the start.
  • You work with seasoned and professional developers who are able to offer alternatives and improvements as you work together.
  • It provides you with the capability to automate your repetitive and key business processes.
  • You get to streamline business processes and increase efficiency - consequently improving business productivity.
  • You can directly control the cost of development, upgrades, and ongoing support.
  • It can be built to meet exactly your own business requirements, rather than fitting your business approach around standard pre-written software.
  • It is built by a New Zealand based business, tailored to New Zealand businesses, and uses NZ business metrics, GST etc.
  • It is installed and serviced by NZ based local developers and technicians.
Note that even with bespoke software we never really start with nothing. As well as our many years' experience, Freeman Software has developed a large number of re-usable sub-modules that are shared across most of our software. This means that we have a core of components ready to be used in your project, saving time and money.

Freeman Software Examples

The following are just some of our Custom Solutions:-
  • Stock Rental for short-medium term rentals of electronic items.
    • Comprehensive Customer Database
    • Comprehensive Billing options and Customer Invoicing
    • Tracking of Serial-numbered items, often multiple items
    • Forward booking to ensure availability
    • Temporary or Permanent Removal of items for maintenance or replacement
  • Medical Imaging Solution.
    • Comprehensive Customer Database
    • Comprehensive Appointment notes
    • Customer diagnosis and treatment plans
    • Multiple images recorded showing before, during and after treatment, as required
    • Various reporting options including DHB, Patient Doctor and referals
  • Investment Management System for Insurance-linked products.
    • Comprehensive Customer (Investor) Database
    • Investment Funds may be interest-bearing or unitised
    • Multiple Investment Portfolios per Customer. Multiple Customers per Portfolio
    • Optional Adviser links to investments, including variable rates of commission
    • Multiple Bank Accounts (and Banks) managed, different for each Fund if required
  • Call centre phone logging systems, including schedule for customer follow-up and customer support actions
  • Individualised stock registration and tracking system for installation and maintenance of specialised electronic equipment
  • Teacher's diary and invoicing system including full history and forward planning

Technical Deliverables

If your requirements are for a browser- or internet-based solution we will use:
  • Google AppEngine™ and Google Datastore™ for the database / datastore, and
  • Python for the back end with HTML, CSS, and javascript for the front-end
If your requirements are for a Windows™ solution we will use:
  • Microsoft SQL Server™ for the database, and
  • Delphi™ for the front-end
All reporting is provided to Acrobat™ .pdf files so that all reports can be previewed prior to printing or emailing to your customers or suppliers. You will need the Acrobat reader for this.

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