About Us

Freeman Software was established in 2004 by the current owner and key software developer, David Freeman.

From the outset, our Christchurch based business has provided customised software solutions to businesses throughout New Zealand. We have supported businesses across a wide range of industries, from niche telecommunication installation businesses through to larger manufacturing, insurance, and superannuation businesses.

We pride ourselves on providing tailored business software solutions that meet and address the true business need and are compatible with our clients' business software environment.

Our approach, after the initial assessment, usually involves one of the following:
  • Full software development, for a fully tailored solution
  • Customisation of one of our pre-built base modules, implementing the required and necessary changes; or
  • Using our local or cloud-based software as is, unchanged.
We will discuss the options with you along with our recommendations.

Our Approach

Freeman Software - Building Software with you At Freeman Software we specialise in providing customised software solutions to businesses. It's our niche, and it's what we do well.

Throughout the development project we consult regularly with our client to ensure all business requirements are fully captured and no critical element is overlooked. At Freeman Software, we take the time to listen, to truly understand your business needs and your software requirements.

We identify the approach and solution that is right for your business. We consider and evaluate the key factors that will drive and impact on a successful software solution, e.g. system compatibility, scalability to accommodate business growth, and requirements/need for future IT support.

The Freeman Software Team Structure

Freeman Software - David Freeman Business Analysis and Software Development: David Freeman

Specialists: A team of specialists provide supporting expertise as required. This includes:
  • Specialist application programmers
  • Specialist network and server administrators
  • Specialist testers
  • Specialist on-site trainers
  • Specialist e-learning trainers and developers of e-learning material
  • System documentation and user manual development specialists

p: 03 356 2859 | m: 027 454 1543 | e: info@freemansoftware.co.nz
82A Holly Road, St Albans, Christchurch

Providers of custom built software to specialist businesses.
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